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5E3 Deluxe

10/27/2000 6:24 PM
5E3 Deluxe
I've decided to build a Tweed Deluxe and I've pretty much decided on the 5E3 version of it. I know a lot of people out there have already built these amps and I would like to be able to learn from the experiences of others, so: What's a good set of transformers to buy? What speaker works good in this style of amp? Are there any modifications/enhancements to the original circuit that I should consider or that you can recommend, like more filtering, addition of a standby switch, a 5V4 rectifier, using a choke instead of a big rersistor, an adjustable pot in conjunction with the cathode resistor, better quality cap than the original, ect. Thanks in advance for your expertise!  
10/27/2000 7:23 PM

I built one of these as my first DIY project and there are several things that I would recommend changing from the original circuit.  
I would add a StandBy switch, add a three prong cord, do away with the ground switch and the .05 "death cap." This would make the amp more up to date safety wise.  
There are several places that supply replacement quality transformers. Among them are:  
There are more quality vendors available and hopefully some of the other guys will add to this list. I used the transformer set from Clark Parts and I am very pleased with them.  
My personal opinion is that the Tweed amps sound best with Alnico speakers. I used a 10" in mine to make the amp sound a little brighter, but a 12" is what came stock and sounds killer in this amp. A 12" Alnico from Weber(P12R,Q,N)or Reissue from Jensen would be a good choice or the Emminence 12 ALP(K) is a little better for price considerations.  
A great place to get a very nice looking chassis is from Weber VSTat Http:// his chassis are like the otiginals, chromed and silkscreened, and predrilled.  
I also added an AB763 type tone stack(+mid) to my DIY 5E3, but I used a Hammond chassis and wasn't limited to the already drilled and silk screened faceplate, like the Weber chassis. If I had it to do over I would probably go for the Weber chassis(it wasn't availabe when I built mine) I also added bright switch tomy project amp. That is easy to do by adding a 250 to 500 pf cap to one of the volume controls.  
As you said, a lot of guys have built this amp and I hope more of them add to my comments, or comment on my comments.  
There are some photos of my DIY 5E3 Deluxe at this photo URL,  
Good luck with your project...  
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10/27/2000 8:23 PM
Joe Z.

Some more possibilities:  
Try using a brittish style speaker such as the Celestion Alnico Blue or the Weber Bull Dog. Nice chime and low end, but w/o the fizz.  
Lower the value of the coupling caps on either or both channels from .1 to .02 or .033. The helps remove some of the woofiness when using P-90 or humbucker type pick ups.  
Increase the value of the "tone cap" between the volume and tone pots to 680pf. This allows most of the stock sounds but increases the amount of gain added when the tone control is in 8.5-11 zone, especially in the mids where you need it for leads.  
A line out jack. (no more- "Oh, that's a cute amp")  
Use the Clark PT. It allows you to use 6L6s and GZ34s as well as 6v6s.  
In a hurry, later. Joe
10/27/2000 11:55 PM

Thanks both of you, Casey4's and Joe, for you comments and suggestions. I'm thinking I'll want to gig with this amp, not just use it in total low-vol situations so the idea of being able to use both 6V6's and 6L6's in it is appealing but the output transformer will have to be carefully chosen to accomodate both of these tubes. Any suggestions there?
10/28/2000 12:12 AM

I should add: I've already got a cab (1x 12" spkr) and a chassis.  
10/28/2000 12:52 AM
Lee M.

Hi Bob,  
I used a Hammond 272BX power and New Sensor Deluxe Reverb output trannies for mine. With my 122VAC line, the 272 series is around 370v. with a 5Y3. I think that's a tad high for this circuit. I got 395 with a Russian 5V4 and 410 with a GZ34. If you want to use 6L6s, you'll want a power tranny with more current capability, probably the FX instead of BX. Also, the more "enhancements" you make, the less it will sound like a 5Y3. The line out is a good idea because it's not a very loud amp.  
I went through a Mojo MP12R, a Weber CA12, a Mojo/Emi V30 before settling on a Weber P12Q. I built mine as a head/cab also.  
Good luck. It's a fun project, especially when you fire it up and it works right away!  
Here's a pic of mine:
10/28/2000 1:11 AM

Thanks , Lee, for the good info.  
I didn't mean to imply I had a two piece amp, just that I already have the chassis and cabinet (and they fit together into a one piece amp).  
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