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Schematic drawing programs

2/12/2001 1:37 AM
Pete Galati
Schematic drawing programs
What sort of programs does everybody use for drawing schematics?   The reason I started using computers was to learn Autocad on, but I haven't used the program for a long time.   But I just installed a copy of it on this computer and figured I'd try to get used to it again to draw scematics with.   But I'm having trouble locating any schematic blocks to download (blocks of the parts to insert in the drawing), but I did find a schematic I made of a DOD American Metal pedal that I drew in 1996, so I'm figuring on making blocks from the parts on that drawing, but if there's very standard size part out there, I'd rather use them.  
I'd like to find some Autocad schematic drawings for download somewhere so that I could make blocks from their drawings and that would give me a better standard, but I'm not having luck finding them yet.  
Are there any programs that would be better suited for drawing schematics than Autocad?   The way I figure it, there has to be, because elec. schematics just isn't a real strong point with Autocad as I recall.  
2/12/2001 1:55 AM
zachary vex  
the student version (up to 100 components, i believe) is free.  
zachary vex
2/12/2001 2:42 AM
there's one with the name ccdemo kicking around.  
I belive its called CirCAD. Do a search on and see if you come up with anything.  
There's also a student PSpice but I don't think that has auto tracing.
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