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foxx tone clone question

2/11/2001 8:35 PM
foxx tone clone question
I have just finished a Foxx tone machine with the swell function added and it doesn't sound very much like the Prescription Electronics Experince i tried out at the music store. The fuzz sounds extremely compressed and is not at all subtle ( but no complaints there). If the fuzz pot is turned all the way down, the volume drops, and the fuzz sputters and doesn't sound very smooth. when i turn the fuzz up about a quarter turn, i get serious fuzz. The octave function sounds very good, the best i have heard. The swell works allright, but the Experience i tried had a much better swell.  
I have a few questions about mods. Is there any way to get the sound from being so compressed? I have three germanium NPN transistors, would putting them in there give it a fatter, more fuzz face type fuzz? if so, which of the transistors should i replace? are there any other mods that would make it sound better?  
2/12/2001 1:09 AM

Doubling up the diodes (at least the last two to ground) in series, or using LED's (or germanium diodes they say...bigger voltage drop=less clipping) will reduce the compression in my experience with other circuits.  
It'll give it a more open sound.  
I don't know about the sputtering, sounds like misbiased transistor. Someone else will chime in with some answers I bet.  
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