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The Trippy zippy whatsit called is no more!

2/11/2001 6:59 PM
Joe Gagan
The Trippy zippy whatsit called is no more!
The original name was sort of a sleep deprived influenced joke of sorts, although it was a pretty good way to describe it.  
the official new name, after much careful planning during our road time to Texas is:  
Skyripper Fuzz  
A companion to our soon-to-exist amp company, Skytone.  
Mark Hammer, RG, JD, Ed G., Jake, Frank C, Zach, all of you technically gifted dudes, if you are interested in 'proofing' my schem before I launch it on the unsuspecting masses, please let me know, I will email the schem to you. I appreciate any feedback any of you here might have. there are some very 'wrong' things about it that make is sound -oh so good!  
one of the things I have really been digging about it is , some of the settings are very Eric Johnson-y violin tones, or like Brian May through a wall of AC30s -  
expressive, rich, articulate.  
The pick sensistvity is intoxicating.  
There are a million tones in it, because the FF is bassy, and the RM is trebly, the blending of the two contains a world of variation, in tone, without a tone control.  
Of course, the other side is the rippy zipper trippin settings, that's a whole other thing...
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