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My web-site is up and walking

2/11/2001 7:38 AM
My web-site is up and walking
Well, if you're interested visit  
So far it's just got some music i've recorded over the past 2 years so follow the music link. The stuff I wrote is probably not the kind you guys listen to...but I won't make any generalzations, oops. Lots of effects though :)  
All multi-track guitar/bass/drums...even some vocals. You guys will probably most appreciate my version of Ironman (except with lyrics about Silence of the Lambs). Anyway check it out, tell me what you think.  
Again, it's getting late (2:30am),  
Krusty (Or you'll find out my name is Av...)
2/11/2001 9:08 AM
Joe Gagan

Krusty, thanks for putting up a site, I will check it out later this week when I reinstall a realplayer.
2/11/2001 12:53 PM
Gilles C

Just too bad I don't have my RealPlayer anymore. :-(  
It was too long to download it. Maybe later in a spare time to see (or hear) what I've been missing lately.  
2/11/2001 3:39 PM

I would have done streaming MP3's but I don't know how. Anyone know how? I can upload them as normal MP3's but they would be 1 meg per minute of audio, and real player is probably smaller than 6 megs anyway. (the non-streaming *.rn files are around 400k to 1meg to download) i think I will load just small samples of effects sometime, I just haven't had time yet.  
Oh yea, thanks Pat...the files are all there and working, though at the moment they are not working, due to tripod, probably busy or something. Try again later, i guess.  
2/11/2001 8:18 PM
Joe Gagan
up and walking, ha
Krusty, I forgot to tell you, I love the 'walking' play on words that was funny!
2/11/2001 3:30 PM
Re: My web-site is up and walking
Hey Krusty,  
I can hear some of your stuff, but on other links I get a "could not connect" error or something to that effect...."Lectorman" and "Effects Laden Sea" are two that come to mind.  
Just thought you'd want to know. :-)  
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