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Re: Bee Baa

2/11/2001 4:08 AM
Re: Bee Baa
It was me that built a BEE BAA on perfboard a while ago. I took it apart, as I was just experimenting, but this is what I remember about it:  
-I omitted the booster circuit  
-I omitted the bright switch  
-I cloned the gain stages  
-I threw in a lowpass filter for a tone control, instead of what was already in there  
-transistors were MPS A18s  
Suddenly, the circuit became bone-headed simple.  
How did it sound? It kicked butt. It was kind of Fuzz Face-ish, but maybe a bit angrier, a bit more liquidy (a welcome thing), and the EQing maybe a bit more hi-fi. I loved it.  
BTW, thanks, Gus. I got the idea from you long ago.  
2/11/2001 4:16 PM
People look at the schematic posted at R.G.'s of the EH axis the Bee Baa dist stages look alot like the EH with the Mix(fuzz) control set to one side. A Bee Baa with a Mix control?
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