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Lessons learned

2/10/2001 11:36 PM
Pete Galati
Lessons learned
Lessons learned from returning the Micro Amp to a Hammond 1590B after it spent years in a guitar body?  
Thin wires are better!! I used wires I pirated from a RS wiring harness (car stereo amp), they were too thick so it was hard getting everything to fit the 1590B.  
The switch needs longer wires than the jacks do. I just cut the wires to misc. lengths, bad plan. Maybe an 1/8" thk. board with holes drilled to locate things the proper distance from the pc board would have helped, a soldering rig.  
Double check where you mark the hole for the switch before you drill. I forgot to double check, oops, things would have fit better if I put the switch in the right place.  
The 1590B enclosure is TOO small for beginners like me. I'm too old, my eyes suck, and I don't have the patients for tiny enclosures. This Micro Amp in the Hammond is lighter than my other MXR pedals, the metal must be thinner!  
I attached the white packing foam to the cover plate with some carpet tape fwiw, and the printed side of the PCB is protected from stuff underneith it with black elec. tape, it's something I had done to mount it in the guitar body.  
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