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Re: Jen HF Modulator-Anyone ever get it working?

2/9/2001 12:07 AM
Re: Jen HF Modulator-Anyone ever get it working?
No worries CJ, no need to feel bad. I put it together in a couple of minutes (now that I have my components separated and organized, as opposed to how I use to have them all in one bag from the surplus store)...I can't say the experience was priceless, though I wouldn't go as far as worthless :) I emailed someone on the net who has a ton of pedals, the Jen HF included, I just hope he has some electronics background. Till I get a reply from him, I've got an appointment with Dr. Q.  
Thanks for your efforts,  
one question though, the one you built, did it sound as good as the one you fixed?
2/9/2001 3:24 AM
CJ Landry

The one I fixed sounded like the one I built. Pretty much useless in my rig.  
Then again this is all a matter of taste.  
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