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Q&D 2

1/6/2001 4:17 AM
Bryan Holden Q&D 2
Anyone build this sucker. I tried it on my mackie mixer and it sounded noisy, and poppy. I wired it up on pref board so I most likely got it wrong.  
From what I here is suppose to be good though.
1/6/2001 12:30 PM
Ken B.

I had a little trouble with it as well. Mine was really noisy after the note decayed, the noise gate worked kinda weird, the gain was high and it was very trebly.  
I riped it off my bread board and started over. I added a tone control circuit that I liked and spent a long time just fid-lin with it. It works just fine now and it's about as quiet as I could ask for.  
I would suggest you check your hookup ... that's where I was getting messed up. Jack Ormans message board has some info on this compressor that may be of use to you.  
Don't give up on it ... it does work well once you've sorted it all out.
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