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Aron, about that Trainwreck

12/14/2000 8:45 PM
Ed Rembold
Aron, about that Trainwreck
I think it's not a good dist. pedal test to use the 'Wreck, doesn't this amp go from clean to dirty  
with a twist of the guitar volume knob.  
My thinking is that there is not enough "clean" headroom in that type of amp, I think the results would be like overdriving the input of a Fuzz Face,  
we all know what that sounds like. I think this kind of distortion pedal testing is better done with a Twin, that's the king of headroom.  
my 2 cents, Ed R.
12/14/2000 8:48 PM
Ed Guidry

Or better yet, a Super Reverb. They're clean and "spanky" but they can get some compression going for that killer r&b vibe. Stick a pedal in front of it, and you get nearly endless sustain.
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12/14/2000 8:56 PM

>My thinking is that there is not enough "clean" headroom in that type of amp, I think the results would be like overdriving the input of a Fuzz Face,  
The Trainwreck is amazing. There's tons of clean and tons of distortion depending on how much you crank it.  
Funny thing, if it sounds great on my Bassman setup, it sounds good on the Wreck.  
My guitars run from 335 humbucker type to 225 w/P90's, Pacifica Strat with single coils, Pacifica Strat with Kinmans, to Charvel with active electronics. A pretty wide input range.  
There are different types of Wrecks, I have tried the Express, Liverpool, and 2 protos - the very first Trainwreck and a prototype 10 watt guy.  
Anyway, I have played my pedals through enough different setups over time that now, I am know what type of amps my pedals sound good with.  
The Trainwreck is nothing like the input of a Fuzz Face - not even close. :-)  
As for testing with a Twin - hey, don't have one, and all I really care about is my personal setup.... :-)  
Pacifica Strat w/Kinmans ->1964 Blonde Bassman->2X12 Celestion Greenback Cab.  
Remember, I am not going commercial :-)
12/14/2000 9:18 PM
Ed Rembold

copy that.  
Never been blessed to play through a 'Wreck,  
thanks for clearing up the "headroom" issue.  
Thanks, Ed R.
12/15/2000 11:07 AM
JD Sleep
Re: Aron, about the Guitars
What do your test show with the different guitars? I too have a wide variety of guitars (none active though) and I have found that the difference between a strat and a 335/LP through effects is big. I mean, more so that the difference straight into an amp. They are obviously very different sounding without any effects, but especially the distortion pedals react WAY different to the input.  
12/15/2000 3:52 PM

JD FWIW when I test effects I like single coils both for guitar and bass. I use an old roadstar as the guitar testbed and a MIM j bass for the bass. I then test with "better" guitars and basses. I have found if an effect works with a single coil it works with other guitars/basses and pickups. The steel pole piece pickup don't seem to lose the highs as much when you roll down the volume and the "EDGE" they have tests if the effect will go to Harsh with the gain and tone turned up all the way on both guitar and effect.
12/15/2000 6:12 PM
Ed Rembold
Re: Aron, about going commercial.
Hey Aron,  
what's the deal!  
that's 2 jabs at me in 1 week.(just saw your last line)  
I'm not going commercial any more than you are.  
you have my bio. You know what I do for a living.  
My only goal, is to have everything on my pedal board be something I made myself. Sure I've sold a few things to my customers,(Who here hasn't!) But for crying out loud, they are my Auto-Repair customers! who happen to play guitar also!! gimme a break.  
Ed R.
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