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11/9/2000 3:28 AM
Confuzzed Resistors?
Does anyone know a mouser part number for single resistors from Mouser? I am not interested in buying bulk, and it is confusing to me, because I am new at this. Also, what are the proper kind? Carbon?  
11/9/2000 3:32 AM
it is  
and example is if you want a 1.2K resistor it is  
These are 5% Carbone film and what i recomend  
they are .07 each up to 200
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11/9/2000 4:04 AM
291-value saysmust be ordered in quantities of 10.
11/9/2000 10:31 AM
zachary vex
hmm. perhaps a visit to radio shack would make more sense. shipping is just a waste of money when you order single resistors.  
zachary vex
11/9/2000 11:44 AM
Radio shack has a limited supply. They don't have some of the values that I need.
11/9/2000 3:18 PM
Steve Daniels

>>Radio shack has a limited supply. They don't have some of the values that I need.  
That's why I established the stock list. You can find MOST of the "staples" you need for pedal building in one place, and pay one shipping charge. I have ALL of the resistor values on the Mouser list, but I charge $ .10 each (same as RS) to help cover costs. Compare the prices for the other stuff on the stock list with Mouser, and I think you'll find that, overall, you'll save money shopping on my site.  
I don't have chips yet, but that will happen...
11/9/2000 5:37 PM
Mark Hammer

Check the fine print on the back of some of those "variety packs" of resistors they sell. You'd be surprised how diverse they can be. Also bear in mind that, in a pinch, you can sub paralleled or series'd values for the value you actually want (e.g., two 2.4k in parallel for a 1.2k). It can make for a pretty pudgy board, but a few subs here and there are usually no big deal.  
Even if you think you only need a few right now, you'd be surprised how often you'll end up needing some of the standard values like 10k, 47k, 100k, 1meg. If all your local industrial electronics place sells is packs of 100 of these, spring for them (as long as the price comes out to less then 10 cents a resistor).  
Finally, when it's garbage day in your neighbourhood, keep an eye out for those abandoned VCR's and castoff 8-track players. I often end up finding my "weird" value components having come from there. ;)
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