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"Spirit in the Sky" Fuzz

10/15/2000 7:09 AM
Ryan L.
"Spirit in the Sky" Fuzz
I have been on a quest for what I consider the "Holy Grail" of Fuzztones for over two years. The closest I have come is the Tonebender Mark II, no mods, seriously mismatched transistrors, but still no go. The Bosstone and Maestro are similar, but just not throughty enough. I think its all to do with crispness and I think Germanium is just too warm. Silicone designs seem to be too sustainy and trebly though. I know the original song wasn't recorderd with a fuzzbox( a Somehow Fu**ed amplifier) but I am sure it is possible with a box. It really does seem quite unattainable. I have played with caps and EQ of the afforementioned pedals, timbre doesn't seem to be the problem, its more of a gating type effect. Not as gated as the Maestro, not as sustainy as the Three transistor Fuzz. Its gotta rip. I've been meaning to perf up the Univox Square Wave, supposedly it is a really rauchy one, but I don't have the parts on hand( or locally available). Any suggestions? Gus?
10/15/2000 8:39 AM

Back in high school I managed to totally nail that greenbaum tone. I had an old script logo phase 45 which no longer phased. The only thing it produced was a beautiful fuzz. However, I was a fool and decided to fix the thing. Yeah I have a decent phasr now, but where is the love?
10/15/2000 2:55 PM

try anothersickfuzz schematic it gates(adjustable) and it has a shorter sustain. Alot of the sound could be in the fretting hand finger control.
10/15/2000 6:29 PM

I recently had the privilege to have communicated with Mr. Norman Greenbaum,the writer and guitarist of "Spirit in the Sky" and asked him what kind of fuzz he used,and he told me he didnt use a fuzz,the sound came from a modification that his road tech had done to his GUITAR internally.He said he had no idea what his tech had installed in it,as he no longer had the guitar.I have been on a quest,so to speak;on also trying to find that sound,but I think you would have to get some kind of information from whatever was available in those days to do that kind of modification.Until then,I am still researching this and if I come up with the answer,Ill post it.
10/15/2000 8:39 PM

Could it be like the "black ice" circuit that stew mac sells? I think the best guess here is that the black ice is two Ge diodes or maybe shocky diodes in series with a tone pot across the output of the pickups my guess would be going into the vol pot not from the center wiper.
10/15/2000 11:46 PM
Eric H

[QUOTE]Alot of the sound could be in the fretting hand finger control.  
That's it, Gus. The playing on that song is very understated, and complements the tone perfectly --Billy Gibbons does this a lot. I think people frequently run right by the tones they're searching for (without realizing it) , because their chops aren't up to it, or the setup doesn't work for their style of playing.  
10/15/2000 6:23 PM

There is another Fuzz Type to try! The Stellan Sweet feets is over the top with driving distortion,not so much mushy Fuzz like you would think!! I used NTE103A transistors and have had a lot of fun with this pedal..It is a Fuzz but keeps the distortion qualitys with plenty of sustain,, Try It it is an easy circuit...Steve
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