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Compressor comparison: Maxon vs. AnalogMan

11/27/2000 3:06 PM
Compressor comparison: Maxon vs. AnalogMan
Background is as follows: My basic rig consists of a fairly stock '97 Amer.Std.Strat, through a Laney VC-30 1x12. My signal path contains a Maxon delay, a Voodoo Lab Tremolo, and a Vox re-issue wah. I recently tried out a used MXR re-issue DynaComp compressor at the front of the signal chain, and, for the most part, I loved what it did for my sound - i.e. thicker, more sustain, "ballsier" sound. The other effects seemed to sound better with the compressor running in front of them, also (especially the trem). The only problems seem to be the white noise emanating from the pedal whenever engaged and the fairly obviously delayed pick attack. I really cannot live with either of these conditions. I have heard raves about the AnalogMan mod of the DynaComp reissue, which in effect recreates the Ross compressor. I have also heard raves about the Maxon compressor. Does anyone have experience with either/both of these pedals? Any help is appreciated before I shell out more $$$. Sorry for the verbose question.
11/27/2000 4:29 PM

I have used both the DynaComp and the Ross. Once I started using the DynaComp it became a permanent fixture on my pedalboard...however at any setting above 9o'clock on the threshold control the noise becomes very apparent. I would adjust the threshold to where hiss starts then backoff just a bit. The Ross seemed to have less hiss at the same settings. Both exhibit a fast attack that seems to "squash" the intial picking transient. I think the AM mod replaces some components to improve the S/N level and stability of the DynaComp. Both of these circuits use the same OTA technology to control gain. After the Ross I started using a Boss CS-1. While the CS-1 is not much quieter than the other two, it seems to retain more of the picking attack.I don't know if the Maxon is a copy of either of these pedals. If it is it will have the same limitations and/or problems.
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11/27/2000 8:21 PM

Thanks for the info., jpl. Anyone else have any experience with these or other compressors they would like to share? Thanks.
11/27/2000 10:53 PM
Dr Dan

I have an original MXR Dyna Comp,and I have found that it depends on where I place it in the chain of effects is proportional to the noise quotient.I guess it would depend on whether or not the other pedals provide any boost in gain,or whether they are close to unity gain.There are some pedals I cant use it with,and Im not sure why.I have found that if I group them with only the ones they work well with,I may end up with three or four smaller pedalboards to lug around rather than one great big switching pedalboard nightmare to TRY to lug around.
11/27/2000 11:38 PM
I own a Maxon and I like it's tone much better than my Boss three-knob compressor. The Boss has an extra "attack" knob, which ius a nice feature, but the pedal thins out the signal somewhat (even when bypassed), so I never use it anymore. With the Maxon, I leave the sustain knob turned all the way down and adjust the output volume to taste. As soon as I turn the sustain knob past zero, the signal squashes too much for me.  
I have no experience with the MXR Dynacomp, so I have nothing to say about it.
11/28/2000 12:22 AM

HI, I personnally use an Ibanez CP-9 compressor, wich is a pedal that was built by Maxon.  
My comp is noisy when I set it at "somewhat" most extreme settings... but when dialed right it's not noisy at all. Of course the level it sees at input is something that influence a lot... so each guitar kinda behave differently with it...  
I know I have a tele/thinline with a Fast Track dimarzio at bridge, and an Ibanez Rg with a Paf Pro at bridge, when I switch I have to readjust the comp slightly  
Also with Dynacomp... the Dunlop RI are a LOT noisier than the earlier model as does seem all of the RI(at least that's what I've noticed so far)  
If yours is a RI that might be the problem... or at least a thing to consider...  
I can tell you I love my CP-9, and that if I could I'd try a Maxon... but that's me. Hope you solve this one out an dthat it turns out to be great let us know!  
11/28/2000 1:09 AM
Dr Dan

Actually,the Dyna Comp I currently use is the earlier red version;Ive tried the newer versions,and they are a lot noisier.Ive never had the chance to compare the newer circuit to the older one I have,but Im betting the circuits are probably the same.
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