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If Flamers are people maybe they can be reasoned with(?)

4/13/2000 5:09 PM
If Flamers are people maybe they can be reasoned with(?)
First let me say that I try not to let my opinions get in the way. What I may like or love doesn't always go hand in hand with what I may post. I try to help people in any way I can as well as make suggestions in hopes that is will get someone closer to the tone that they want to hear, not what I think they should hear.  
I think this is where people assume I'm fat, old, over 45, wear spandex, and only play in my bedroom (ha, ha). I reckon some people would be surprised at my age but to me it's unfair to judge anyone by their age. It's what they have to offer that counts.  
It all boils down to what we have to offer as individuals. To persecute (flame) others for what they like or believe in is wrong. Everyone has their own religion they follow as far as tone goes and the same holds true for musical genres. If they like more than one genre or style of music then that's cool. To condemn or flame someone for what they like or believe in simply brings ones own ignorance to the fore ground for all to see.  
Someone may not think twice about flaming someone else because it makes them feel "good" about themselves. I suspect it's because in everyday life they cannot get away with because there would be repercussions (perhaps a punch in the nose or worse)  
Instead, they come on the Ampage and aim their hostility at someone they do not know and they justify it because 1.) they do not know the person 2.) they can get away with it because they figure no one can punch them in the nose (or worse) 3.) they figure their words are not actually hurting anyone or causing harm.  
Most recently I've gotten several emails from people who are mostly newbies and this is what has prompted me to post this.  
They read AGA and are afraid to post questions because they do not want to get flamed. They have come here because that sort of thing does not go on here (until recently).  
So to the few people who feel they are not hurting anyone (and lord knows I hope you do not get pleasure out of it)... "YES YOU ARE HURTING PEOPLE!" You are keeping people not only from learning but from asking questions because you make them feel as though all their questions are stupid and that's just wrong.  
Yes, the Internet is new but in many ways it's no different from real life. You can meet great people here (lord knows I have). You can get info here that you can not readily get anywhere else (the Ampage is perfect example of that) and you can still hurt people here just as in real life (be it sending a virus to wipe out your hard drive or by belittling people).  
Maybe some people will get to this line they are reading right now and think "this is all a joke." Maybe your right because that would be one way to look at it.  
The fact is words can hurt people and can be just as damaging as physical abuse if not worse. It's a true crime when people are afraid to ask questions.  
I have pretty thick skin and it takes a lot to anger me ("no" this is not a challenge to you flamers) but when you prevent people from asking questions or learning because of your own ignorance then you've crossed the line. Stop and use you brain because you are causing geniune harm in more ways than one.  
4/13/2000 7:05 PM
Joe Prentis
I really hope you are not referring to me Trace. My point was, (and if I "flamed" anyone, SORRY) was that guitarists and techs keep trying to do what has been done before tone-wise and song-wise. I referred to the wankers that sit in their bedrooms with their multiple effects units, Soldano Lead Series Heads, wall of Marshall Quads, playing Eruption all day long, trying to replicate everything Eddie did, and bagging the shit out of other people for not being able to play 6000 notes per millisecond. It's those people (and I hate generalising) that stuff it up all the time.  
Sure, they may know what sort of tubes break up better, they may know what settings some guy like George Lynch has on his rig, but do they understand what this thing is all about?  
I am sick and tired of guitarists thinking they are god's gift because they can do sweeps. The only guy that came out of G.I.T. that ever did anything worth listening to was Jeff Buckley, and he never ever over-played. Why not learn something you can use, like how to play a proper rhythm, or how to play in front of an audience. Stop thinking that everyone in the crowd gives a shit if you can play legato's better than the guy who played there the night before. Try playing something within a band, not trying to out-do everyone else in the band. Grow the fuck up.  
PARDON MY FRENCH, but this really pisses me off. I'm sick of playing with guitarists who think that because their rack is bigger than the Empire State Building, that their sound is infallible. I've got news for you guys, IT"S NOT!!!!  
If you need that much stuff to get a half decent sound, then you shouldn't be there in the first place. I played with a guy once who had all these effects plastered all over his sound, and he had this sound labelled as clean.  
Pardon me, but I could've sworn a clean sound meant there was nothing on it but a guitar and amp. I asked this same guy to play his guitar completely by-passing his effects and all the other crap he had in his rack so it would just be Guitar and Amp. And do you know what he said? He said he'd never tried that before," and when he did, it sounded like absolute crap. He spent $10,000 dressing up something he'd never heard. And he's not the only one.  
These guitarists are the same ones who buy whatever they see in the magazines just because Paul Gilbert says he uses it.  
So sorry if that is flaming anyone, but I really think that these guitarists need to take a good look at themselves.
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4/13/2000 7:51 PM
Tobias Karlsson

"So sorry if that is flaming anyone, but I really think that these guitarists need to take a good look at themselves."
Are they hurting you?  
I don't think I understand what's so upsetting (no offence).  
The way I see it, if that "style" makes them happy, that's fine...they don't interference with my guitar playing anyway....  
Best Regards  
Tobias Karlsson in Sweden  
PS. I really don't know how "everything" can turn into that "life n' death" thing, for me it's just about playing gigs, having fun and the excitement of improving my gear......yeah...and I'm going to our capitol city (Stocholm) at saturday to buy me one more old Marshall cab so I will sure have fun this weekend!  
PSS, Trace, you're right.
4/13/2000 8:26 PM
Joe Prentis

Are they hurting you?  
I don't think I understand what's so upsetting (no  
No, you don't understand. Improve your gear by all means, but just don't buy it because someone else thinks it's the best. Your tone is your tone, don't fall for what the so-called experts say. They are payed by big companies to tell you to buy a certain brand. Buy that old Marshall cab, cos' your not gonna get any new product that will do any better than that cab. But, don't buy it because it's an old Marshall cab. Spend a lot more time than you do money on choosing your gear. You may find an old Australian made Eminar cab that sounds better, but looks like a piece of shit. Just cos' it says Marshall, doesn't mean quality!
4/14/2000 10:51 AM
Dick Goesinya
Yes, Toby, baby. I'm with you. It's all about style.  
4/13/2000 9:32 PM

"I really hope you are not referring to me Trace."
It's aimed at those people who find it necessary to rage, flame, or assault other people for no reason at all. If you were not doing this then of course it was not aimed at you. I think the flamers know who they are and there are only a small few but my point is it only takes a few bad germs to cause a virus.  
Just because someone has a different opinion as to what sounds good doesn't make them any more wrong or right than you. It just makes them a person with an opinion. It's not like they are the "Hitler's-Tone Army." It's just that they like something different. It's not such a big deal really.  
"These guitarists are the same ones who buy whatever they see in the magazines just because Paul Gilbert says he uses it."
I know what you're saying BUT... if it makes them happy then it shouldn't be any skin off anyone else's back. It's their money so let them spend it as they wish.  
Marketing and endorsements have been around forever and I doubt if it will ever go away. It's just the way to world works. People endorse things because they get a price break and companies gladly give artists price breaks because they can use the artist to sell more product. It's as simple as that. It's a give and take relationship. (please keep in mind that this doesn't mean I agree or disagree with's just how it works).  
"So sorry if that is flaming anyone, but I really think that these guitarists need to take a good look at themselves."
If you weren't flaming anyone then don't sweat it. I personally think the flaming needs to stop rather than resorting to having Tboy implement striker rules and regulations. As RG suggested (I think it was RG--ha, ha) let's just try to ignore it and see if it goes away. It's worth a shot! (ha,ha)  
Live and let's a big world out there!  
4/13/2000 10:06 PM

Hey Joe...... (ok I won't sing it :)  
I agree with you about guys that buy the most expensive stuff and sound like poodle ass. They are a pain to work with because they have "the best" equipment etc. and you can't convince them otherwise.  
I guess I just think you tone is just a bit too harsh. (your voice tone not your guitar tone :) Not that I've heard it anyway.  
I guess i'm just trying to say be nice. let em be -they don't know shit anyway! I am just as guilty as anyone about going off sometimes, but I try not to attack anyone's point of view, or at least be polite about it. (It can be DAMN hard sometimes)  
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