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Couple questions.....

4/4/2000 3:48 AM
Michael Sullivan
Couple questions.....
Good evening, all,  
First question has to do with a Silvertone 1484 I just found on a business trip to Portland, Maine. It's about a '65, far as I can tell, and it needs some major and minor work. It plays, loudly humming, but the bias is 'WAY off, since there's a bit of a red glow on the plates of the 6L6s. It needs caps and a bias setup, but that's doable. My question is with two of the tubes in this thing. Where in the HELL does one find 6FQ7s or 6CG7s?! I've got lots of AX7s and AT7s, and pairs/quartets of 6L6s, but these two tubes (which, BTW, still have the "Silvertone" logos) are outside of my experience. Any clues, hints, tips or sources would be appreciated.  
The other question concerns the tremolo on a '71 BF DR. The circuit card had been mildewed, and was quite conductive. I got a Torres card and built the circuit according to a Fender AB763 layout. All new components, including the PT, except the optoisolator. The opto works fine, and I can hear a slight ticking when the tremolo pedal is engaged, but I really don't hear any modulation with a guitar input. I'll be re-checking the connections and such over the next evening or two, but any ideas here would be appreciated, also. There also seems to be some cross-talk between channels (I get reverb from the Normal input.)  
Thanks in advance -- I, for one, appreciate having a reference source as close as the computer in the spare room.  
Later, all,  
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