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Traynor trade ?

3/4/2000 4:47 AM
Traynor trade ?
I have a guy that wants to trade a 1973 Traynor YBA-1 Bassmaster for my 66 Bassman.  
1) My first question is does the Traynor sound like a plexi?  
2) My second question is what is the going rate for these amps? Other than the pic he sent I have never seen one much less heard one.  
3) Should I decide to trade are there any mods that can be recommended to get the plexi sound I desire?  
4) And last what is the wattage on this amp? TIA  
3/4/2000 7:34 AM

OK--your Bassman can be a great amp,and it's value is i believe 2-3 X the Traynor,(with 2x12 cabinet)the Traynor is also a fine Marshall-ish amp,by any rate, if you're just trading amp heads,you should get some cash--(maybe $50-100)if you've got the 2x12 along w/ the head,you need $300-400 in the trade.note:i have and will keep my '66-67 Bassman w/ 2x12,but i've had it blackfaced and tweaked--i've not played a Traynor.(want to)good luck, bill
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3/4/2000 8:12 AM

either amp can be modded to sound like a plexi, well close enough to a plexi for most'd have enough holes as to not have to drill anything with the fender, but do you want to hack at it is up to you
3/4/2000 9:25 AM

Yes, a 66 bassman head is technically more "valuable" than the traynor but the traynor is closer to being marshall-like than the bassman as well as capable of being stronger, louder, in my opinion more durable than either a 66bassman or your typical 50 watt marshall. I like to flip the YBA 1 upside down, take the cloth covered wood front out and replace it with a tasteful better breathing metal mesh, do the usual R+R with PS caps etc. and rock out! Some of these amps are quite clean and loud and some are grindier but one can fine tune them to ones taste....As to "plexi" well I think people are being far too cavalier with the word these days, I use a '70 small box 50 watt marshall and I'd say it sounds like a hand wired early JMP-(my personal favorite for rocknroll and punk) Marshall made a number of changes (voltages and such) as well as fifferent wattages thru the plexi years so I dont think theres one sound that means plexi... sorry bout the length of this..
3/4/2000 9:39 AM

Hi M/J,  
I'd keep the Bassman and then look around to buy a Bassmaster later. I would think the Bassman is worth considerably more than the Traynor. If you do trade, then some extra cash should come your way.  
I have a YBA-1 with two EL34's, bought it for $25 about three years ago at a music store cause it didn't work. Got it to work in no time at all. It's virtually identical to the Plexi type amp. It has the cathode follower stage like the plexi. Seems there are three varieties of YBA-1's. Each one's circuit is a little different. Check the Traynor site for schematics.  
My amp is about 50 watts, has a lot of punch. I've been using the amp to tweak all aspects of the tone chain as a learning platform. It's the easiest amp to work on next to a Champ. All p-p wiring, plenty of room, good strong trannies. Wish I had a dozen of them.  
Hope this helps, if you need further info, just holler. T.B.
3/4/2000 12:34 PM

I have e-mailed him for a tube compliment to find out which one he has. Also he says that there is a hammond tranny in there. Is that stock or a replacement? He also claims that the circuit is plexi thru and thru with lots of room to work. TIA  
3/4/2000 1:14 PM
Winnie Thomas

They were made in Canada. Hammond Transformers are also made in Canada. Traynor used Hammond transformers.  
I would buy the Traynor outright and keep both. The Fender is more valuable than the Traynor  
Here's a link to Traynor schematics for you:  
Traynors are very nice. But so are Fenders.  
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