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Jimmy's State of the Union Address

2/26/2000 1:19 AM
Jimmy Page Jimmy's State of the Union Address
Well here it is folks!  
I convey a few friendly facts about high quality polystyrene capacitors and silver wire and their rightful place in the world of guitar amplifiers and their potential for transporting the Lost Souls of the Karakoram to tone heaven, and what happens? I get treated like some kind of tone heretic!  
I hate to disappoint all the respected geniuses that visit this site that were so quick to stomp on me like an unwanted Cockroach at the Queen's Royal Dinner Party, but guess what. YOU'RE STILL ALL WRONG.  
Here's the facts: 1) Polyester capacitors are grossly inferior to most polypropylene and polystyrene capacitors and 2) Silver wire will always outperform copper wire of the same size. Jung, Marsh, and myself are a little saddened that nobody believes us. But, oh well. You can lead a horse to water but can't always make it drink.  
I must accentuate the positive though! I found it VERY AMUSING how, after my postings, the most respected Ampage luminaries gathered in hoards and stumbled over themselves, making every possible attempt to prove that copper is superior to silver and that being polyester is really socially acceptable and that it is OK for polyester shirts to finally come out of the closet. Was there a full moon by any chance early last week?  
And of course all the spineless sheep (i.e., the Ampage idiots who know nothing about building amplifiers) were quick to play lemming and follow their illustrious leaders who were ever so quick to pass judgement and ever so slow to understand. I shouldn't be so hard on this hapless bunch of brainless sub-morons, but these are the same people who still think the resistor color code is somehow a secret code for communicating sexual preference among homosexuals.  
Life requires a special exuberance if it is to be fully enjoyed. Have the courage to try MIT polystyrene capacitors and solid silver wire for yourself. Don’t let the usual pundits sway you otherwise. It is your quest for tone and you are entitled to your tonal rights! I bid you peace and bid you safe passage on your journey to the hidden pleasures available at the summit of Ebecanezer’s Mountaintop. That is the way it is on this 23 third day of February in the year two followed by three tiny zeros.  
Your pal,  
2/26/2000 2:09 AM

I'm certainly not trying to open this can of worms again but just trying to convey what the jist of the disagreements seemed to be to me. I don't think anyone was really saying that copper wire was superior to silver, just that a chain is as strong as it's weakest link. Compared to all the copper in the transformers that 3 feet of silver hookup wire can't make that big of difference.  
As for the caps, in guitar amp applications, coloration is sometimes a desired trait.  
Peace brother,  
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2/26/2000 2:26 AM
Jethro Tull Bodine
The Clothes Have No Emperor
James..Please post your infinately more informative site. I am astonished that it has taken me this long to see the light and bask in the glow of your grasp and knowledge...  
The imposters that post here would be drawn and quartered in your kingdom of toneology..  
Nah ...I'll stay here and enjoy the far friendlier atmosphere the pervades this site...I shudder to think of Living in your world  
A friend of AMPAGE  
2/26/2000 2:42 AM
John S.
Jimmy should pass on now..... :o) Getting Boring
Jimmy....I have been also following your posts,and though you yourself finds all this amusing...I myself wonder why you continue to post to this great website....Maybe it's time that you just sought of passed on...Take care and peace to you....Though I do find you a bit weird! :o) John S..
2/26/2000 2:41 AM
Chris Hogan
Re: Jimmy's State of the Union Address
So, what have you built that makes you such a genius? Let's see it.  
2/26/2000 3:11 AM
Rick Erickson

Yawn... :-)  
2/26/2000 5:05 AM
Please post an email address
Nothing personal and I don't want to take sides  
in these issues against you because I have  
appreciated your opinions in some matters, but  
I do have to agree with some posts that an  
email or a real name would make you a more  
respected poster on this page. Don't stop  
posting relevant info. here (for the sake of  
many!) but let it be known that anonymous  
posting equals "troll" to a lot of people.  
Peace, Mr. Page.  
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