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Re: Power Trans

2/22/2000 7:42 PM
Ken Gilbert
Re: Power Trans
"I tend go with at least 1/2 amp rating on a HV secondaries for a 40-50watt amp."
damn, dude, that's some serious overkill. you must like lugging around iron, eh?  
2/23/2000 6:49 AM

I feel pretty safe in saying I've tried as many or more Hammond PTs (and others) then most of the homebuilders here combined and I've NEVER had a bad one.  
As a matter of fact, I think they are greatly under rated!  
Usually, they're so stiff the next sized smaller one will work just as good!  
I wonder what your total experience has been Mike?  
Any chance your AMP configurations lead you to a different conclusion?  
I've run those Hammonds so hot you could almost melt solder on them and have never had one go bad. Ha ha ha...  
I know it depends on the 50 watt amp, frequency response,  
class A... class AB etc etc... but 500ma for a 50 watt guitar amp is way way over board IMO and completely unnecessary.  
I don't think Hammond even makes a plate and filament tranny that big so I know you haven't used one of theirs to build a guitar amp out of it unless you are using a seperate plate tranny and seperate heater tranny(s).  
Who's transformers are you using?  
But, FWIW... I've had some rippin' amps using 270FX and 272FX Hammond trannys.  
My latest 25 watt amp uses a 270EX sized one and it's a killer PT for this type of power range.  
The DynaQ 50 watt amps use a 300ma PT and they are rock steady at any constant current up to their ratings.  
Let's hear some more about your amps and configurations that lead you to this 500ma level.  
Are they 50 watt Bass amps?  
2/23/2000 10:06 PM
Mike Kach

Well my design ideas are no diffierent from anybodyeles's but I feel that tone is greatly influenced by power supply design and I feel that over rating the transformer current deamand 3 times results in better tone aspecially in bass frequencys, because guitar amps with heafty power supply sound better to me. And also I feel that Hammond transformers are great products, but if you are running this transformer at its max the heat generated, even that the transformer can take it, is unnessassary evil, tubes get hot also, and I think If I can reduce heat by more iron the better reliability and tone of my amp. The weight is and issue, but I look at it this way, Les Paul is much heavier than a strat, To me I like les paul sound better than a strat, but a lot of people like strats also and sound great playing it, so it is all personal, but for me the les paul tone beats strat anytime, so go figure, But getting back to amps, I like meaty sounding amps that do not fart out on bass frequency's like some fenders and marshalls do, I like the amp to reproduce every frequency that guitar can produce, at the same time staying with in classic tones, I do realise that old designs were dollar driven by the concept, by technician in me want to improve at least that aspect of the design, I always loved Matchless and Hiwatt designs, I did not like the tone of the amp, but I like the way those things were built. My mission in amp building in combining quality with a tone. Even though a lot of times these two factors are in conflict with each other.  
Thanks a lot for your attention.  
mike kach
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