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Re: I think it's been done!

2/21/2000 6:40 AM
Carl Z
Re: I think it's been done!
How bout the old Tuckers and Dusenburg's(spelling?)  
4 wheel disk brakes, automatic transmissions, fuel injection and turbocharged. Shatterproof glass, impact resistant passenger compartments, etc...  
And this was the 30's for the Dusenberg!!!!  
Cripes....what were the big 3 busy doing?  
Carl Z
2/21/2000 8:02 AM

Making all the money.  
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2/22/2000 1:00 AM
Don Symes

Building cars 'for the rest of us.'
2/22/2000 12:39 AM
Hey, if I remember right, a buddy of mine had  
a '61 (+/-) Impala that had a speaker  
built into the rear seat back, right in the  
middle, that had a "reverbed" signal from the  
AM radio sent to it. For all those surf toons.  
2/22/2000 2:59 PM
Mark Hammer
Yeah, I've seen those reverbs, and the springs are pretty small, only about 6" long or so, and typically only one or maybe two springs.  
While we're talking about musical cars, I always thought that someone should produce "dashboard drums". I don't know about you, but *I* frequently have to make a choice between steering with both hands and drumming along with the radio or a tape. So I figured, why not make a unit with some digitally sampled drum sounds, that plugs in between your tape/radio/CD unit and your power amp? The wires would run up so some adhesive backed membrane switches that could be spaced the way you want 'em, either on the dash in front of the wheel, or even on the wheel itself. The "brain" would have a mixer built in to balance out your own drumming with the source material. And of course, one of the sampled sounds would have to be a naugahyde-covered bench seat for those who wan a "real" bass drum sound.  
The only down side to this is the thought of someone with a 300w sound system, a back seat full of sub-woofers, 4th rate rap on the CD player, and NO sense of rhythm. You think drivers in the middle of a traffic jam get testy NOW? You ain't seen nuthin.
2/22/2000 8:43 PM
Re: Firewalls make great kick drums
I love the sound of the firewall in a few cars I've had; Why can't I get that on a record!!  
2/25/2000 12:15 PM
Lee M.

No one in the "biz" calls them firewalls anymore (liability you know). They are "dash panels" now.
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