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A car for guitar players

2/19/2000 10:12 PM
Lee M.
A car for guitar players
I was at the Chicago Auto Show today and Toyota has a little economy car called the Echo and one of the trim levels is the Reverb. It said Echo Reverb right on the car. Wonder if a guitar player named it?
2/19/2000 11:41 PM
Mark Knapp

I think someone just ran out of ideas for nonsense words to be used in naming cars.
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2/20/2000 12:46 AM
Dave M.

I wonder if they have an upgrade from the Reverb trim level. Maybe the Deluxe Reverb, or the Super Reverb. :-P  
...("pa-doom, pow!")...  
2/20/2000 9:29 PM

How about an accutronics tank and reverb dwell,mix and tone for the car radio, cassette, CD. And ,of course, don't forget the Vox WA for the accelerator pedal. Can't we all get jobs in Detriot?  
2/21/2000 3:01 AM
Michael Tousek I think it's been done!
Bob, believe it or not, I think the Accutronics-in-the-dash idea might have been done. I'd almost swear that I've heard or read about a car equipped with such a thing -- seems like it was back in 50's or 60's.  
Speaking of car gadgets, my dad had a '49 Cadillac with a retractable antenna, station-seeking radio, and a sensor that automatically dimmed your headlights when there was an oncoming car. Pretty wild for a car that old, huh?  
Michael Tousek
2/21/2000 4:43 AM

In the sixties, Motorola made an under-dash add-on spring reverb unit for cars. They called it "Vibro-Sonic." Some of their home hi-fi consoles also had reverb built-in, with a "Vibro-Sonic" knob on the control panel.  
2/22/2000 2:59 AM
Wonder if that Motorola had 6V6's in it?  
P.S. This all leading to the Vox-mobile!
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