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just got my Two-Rock K&M amp!

2/5/2000 4:02 AM
just got my Two-Rock K&M amp!
just got my emerald amp the other day. this amp sounds like no other amp i have head before, really killer lead tone, but clear and distinct. Just wondering if anyone has any other thoughts on these amps. I was bummed because i saw an new one used for a lot less then i paid after i bought it, oh well. Are the other two rock owners as happy w/ it?  
2/5/2000 4:23 AM
Steve Snider

I love both of mine. An Emerald and a Sapphire! I agree with you about their own sound and have a great time with mine. I also do some work in the promotions/sales area but I have lots of amps that I love and these are amazing amps. The one you saw used is not the same because that one has the lead channel tone controls and gain before the pre amp the new ones have it after and have more punch in the lead channel. These guys are real nice and build a great product and I hope they do well. I guess Gil Ayan may have heard one at NAMM today. I love mine and most the other people I know that own them seem really happy.  
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2/5/2000 12:39 PM
Sean C.

Hi Rich! Another satisfied Two Rock owner checking in here. These amps just do it for me. The detail, punch and three-dimensionality are nothing short of astounding.  
Did you get a combo or a head? The speakers make a big difference with this amp.  
2/5/2000 2:57 PM
Carl F

I got an Amethyst about two weeks now.  
Great head. I've been using the Dwell  
switch almost exclusively since I  
got it, but the other night I switched  
it off and that actually got me closer to  
the Robben Ford thing.  
What cab you guys using?  
I'm currently going thru  
my VHT 4X12 w/ V-30's, but would like  
to know what is better.  
Any info on Two Rock's cabs?
2/5/2000 9:18 PM
Sean C.

Right now, I'm using mostly an open back 2x12 with Cel G12T100's, nice speaker, doesn't color the sound much. I've also used it through a Bogner closed back 2x12 with V30s (a little too bass heavy) and an open back 2x12 with V30s (sounded pretty good with that). A couple of folks who've heard the amp actually prefer a VHT 2x10 with Cel V10s; the sound is very focused with those speakers, but you lose some of the dimensionality that you get with the 2x12.  
I've got a Two Rock cab coming next week with their special design speakers (modelled after Celestion Blue Dogs). Snider and Volpe have raved about them, but the speakers are VERY expensive ($300 each!) It better sound amazing at that price.
2/10/2000 9:37 PM
Mike Kach

Take a pic of insides to post, I am curious to see what is the whole hype is about?  
2/10/2000 11:16 PM
Joe L

Pictures heck! Draw a schematic AND take pictures. We'll build more!
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