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silverface deluxe reverb mods needed

12/30/1999 6:14 AM
Dan D
silverface deluxe reverb mods needed
Can anyone help me find the info needed to add master volume controls and an effects loop to my deluxe reverb?
1/1/2000 1:09 AM
John Stokes
I would recommend that you sell the DR and buy an amp that already has an MV and FX loop. Better that than to hack an old Fender.  
1/1/2000 1:21 AM
Dan D

No, its better to have the tone that one is seeking. DR is only worth $200 to $300. I'll mod it, thanks.
1/1/2000 4:00 AM

well, there are several things to consider about amp mods. there is no real guarantee that you will find or retain the tone you want with a mod. if you look at it from more than a money value perspective, there are some classic pieces thatit would be a shame to mod in a way that would prevent them from being put back to stock. these classic pieces will be around long after we are gone, and will be functional pieces of music history. if you can mod an amp and get your tone without drilling holes or hacking it up that is the whole idea of owning and using music equipment. ther are plenty of "player" amps out there that is , deluxe reverbs in this case that have master volumes stock and have been "enhanced", drilled, hacked, and these would make real good candidates to suit your purposes. you may be surprised a what kind of trade you may get from a "collector" , your stock DR for his permanently modified amp. of course with ownership comes the right to do as you wish with your amp but this is something to consider. muddobber
1/1/2000 4:27 AM
Tim C.

There are several ways to add a master volume to your Deluxe Reverb that are easily reversible should you want to sell the amp later. You can even wire it so the master only affects one channel if you want.  
Adding an effects loop is more involved and would require the addition of extra holes in the chassis.  
Let us know what you decide.  
Good luck,  
Tim C.
1/1/2000 6:45 AM
John Stokes
Uhhh, DRs, unless they're beat to hell or hack modded, are worth much more than that.  
1/1/2000 3:23 PM
Sideways Jaye

Hey Dan,  
If that SFDR is in good shape, I'll give you $375 for it RIGHT DAGGONE NOW! Or trade you a Peavy Classic 30 already with Master Volume and effects loop.  
Seriously dude, check the ads and stores, and think twice before doing it.  
Do you also own a pre-cbs strat with a Floyd Rose and Humbuckers? I'm not trying to be a jerk, just trying to spare you some regrets
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