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New Sovtek 2A3 Power triode (HiFi mostly)

10/29/1999 7:39 PM
J Epstein
New Sovtek 2A3 Power triode (HiFi mostly)
The first production samples of a new, substantially upgraded 2A3 power triode by Sovtek have arrived from Russia. I have a pair and I will be reporting on their sonics as I get an impression of them.  
These tubes will drop-in to any 2A3 circuit but are capable of higher dissipation, Vp-k, and Ipeak, by fairly wide margins. Full testing has not been finished but the development engineer, jc morrison, thinks they will safely dissipate at least 22W without shortened life span, tolerate 375 Vp-k, and have Ipeak >600mA. They basically have a 300B plate, capable of over 30W dissipation, but jc said the limiting factor is the cathode.  
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