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6v6 and El84

10/22/1999 4:03 AM
6v6 and El84
I am curious as to any input on an amplifier that I am going to be building, it is going to be based on the ac-30 power amplifier, but instead of 4 el84's it will use two el84s and two 6v6's, I know that I have to have one 6v6 and el84 on the pull side and another pair on the other as well as two bias setups for each, my real question is have any of you guys done this or have any clue as to the "sound" this might achieve, my goal is to be able to get the two "breaking up" characteristics of both the el84 and 6v6, you know the nice hard crunch and sweet tone of the other. the reason for the combo is b/c the similar ratings of the tubes. thanks  
10/22/1999 8:41 AM

Mesa Boogie has a very nice sounding amp called  
"blue angel. It has 4Xel84 & 2X6v6. As for the  
tech side there are some extremely smart fellers  
that frequent this page...
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10/22/1999 1:57 PM
Mark Buckingham

Disclaimer: please note that what I'm about to say may be completely wrong :-)  
I think that the 6v6 and el84 have different drive requirements, which may be good or bad depending how you look at it.  
I would think the el84's would distort earlier than the 6v6's. This might actually sound kind of cool, maybe something like running a distorted amp and a cleaner one at the same time.
10/22/1999 10:19 PM

It might be interesting to set the two different pairs up with separate drive circuitry; then a "balance" control could be added upstream to adjust the drive proportion for each pair.  
10/22/1999 10:50 PM

by different drive requirements, i assume you are talking about the phase inverter? so should i build two separate power amps ie two phase inverteres one for el84 one for 6v6. and tie it in to the master volume on the preamp. this being with a balance control for each level on the individual power amplifier sides. Can i still use one output transformer with the two phase inverters? I think i can but am not sure, i have an xformer for quad 6v6, from a hammond tone cabinet that i was going to use, i like the idea of a balance control though  
10/23/1999 2:06 AM
Mark Buckingham
I would think you could use one phase inverter. The difference between the el84's and 6v6's is going to be that you will want to put more resistance between the phase inverter section and the grids of the el84's than the 6v6's.  
(Actually, I like tboy's idea above...)
10/23/1999 3:51 AM
Paul C

Well - I thought I had a trick here, but you guys are close so I'll give it away. I've got an amp that runs off a pair of each, and I use the pwr amp MV circuit where you replace the grid leaks of the tubes with a dual pot. Each set of tubes has it's own dual pot, so you end up with a 6V6MV and a EL84MV. Very cool way to give you any combination you want.
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