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Dumble clones in Holland

9/18/1999 7:53 PM
Lars Blues Miller
Dumble clones in Holland
I just wonna mail this:  
My question to anyone, can my Fender Bassman 135 be modded to a dumble clone??  
There's a Dumble Clone Amp builder in  
Holland, well I know his name AND ADRESS. His clones should be one of the best around!!  
just mail me  
greets Lars Blues Miller
9/18/1999 8:45 PM

Didn't those use a ultra-linear tranny? I guess if it is, I would replace it, but I would imagine that would be a great platform for a Dumbleclone.  
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9/19/1999 5:06 AM
Steve A.

    I'd heard that you can just tape off the inside taps of an UL tranny and rewire the output section as with a non-UL OT. Haven't tried it myself but it would save the cost of a new OT.  
Steve Ahola
9/20/1999 10:42 PM
Steve Dallman

You will want to add a filter choke to the power supply if you tape off the UL leads.
9/19/1999 11:25 AM
Marcel B.

The guy in holland is Peter van Weelden  
Enterstraat 133 PD Rijssen Holland  
He builds dumble clones for comercial use so he won,t give the tricks away.He is very good though and has restored Eddie van Halen his Marshall amp wich lost its tone through the years.Some credential wouln't you say.By the way I've build my own Dumble ODS recently Maybe I can help Marcel B.
9/19/1999 6:08 PM

Hi Marcel,  
I've been following these threads about THE Dumble tone for quite some time now and I'm very interested in this address you mentioned, being a Dutchman myself ,I know Peter van Weelden from his ads in "The Guitarist" and can you give me some idea about the prices he charges for a clone !  
I've got an old Guyatone Fender Twin Head ( talkink about clones ! ) and am thinking about converting this to A Dumble lookalike. Could you please let me have som emore info ?  
Greeting Alfons  
9/20/1999 8:29 AM
Marcel B.

I can't give you any prices regarding the OD clones of Peter  
van Weelden. I suggest you call him and ask .  
To rebuild your Twin clone to a OD clone is always possible Hopefully it is point to point wired and if not get rid of the pcb board and install a point to point board.  
Then build the scematic of the OD and only use the transformers,tube sockets and choke of your twin and rebuild with quality component only, which you can order at Peters shop.Since you're in Holland also (like me) you also can call me up.075-6705434 Otherwise good luck  
Marcel B.
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