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Sonic diff btwn Filtertron and Supertron

9/13/1999 12:00 AM
Doug B Sonic diff btwn Filtertron and Supertron
Could someone describe the sonic  
differences between these two Gretch  
pickups. I'm looking a purchasing a '72  
Gretch Jet w/Supertrons and am only  
familiar with Filtertrons.  
Opions on the pickups and 70's Gretch  
guitars quality are welcomed.
9/13/1999 9:22 PM

Doug, I play a '71 Roc Jet with Filter'Trons. It originally came with Super'Trons, but the previous owner had hacked in a pair of humbuckers. After trying several different humbuckers, I settled on the reissue Filter'Trons from Gretsch. To my ear, Filter'Trons are pretty much the same as the newer Supers. The Filter'Trons have a more focused low end, which I like. One benefit to the Super'Trons is that the "bar" polepiece is great for bending -- no volume drops in the middle of the coil.  
As far as Gretsch quality, the early '70's are when they were moving to Arkansas and many of these guitars have ...problems... Look for the binding to be loose and the fret ends to be poorly seated. The hollow guitars are much worse, but take the guitar to a good tech if you decide to buy.  
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