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The Secret Life of Pots on GEO

9/1/1999 12:30 AM
The Secret Life of Pots on GEO
I just posted version 1.0 of "The" target="_blank">">"The Secret Life of Pots" at GEO.  
I had to try to do something to spice up the topic - a racy name was all I could come up with ;-)  
This is a collection of stuff I've picked up about pots with some explanatory pictures and diagrams. As I say, it's not exactly riveting stuff, but it might come in handy. I show a bit about disassembling them and talk about reassembly into something that might please you more than the original, wear, repairs, and some other mods.  
I went back through my math on tapering, and I think it's correct in there. It shows the effect of different tapering resistors in both voltage divider (3 -terminal) and rheostat (2 - terminal) uses.  
Anyway, like always, additions and corrections are welcome.
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