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Shopping for Transformers

8/11/1999 6:37 AM
JB Farnesworth III Shopping for Transformers
I'd like to make my own version of the Marshall 1962 "Earlier Bluesbreaker" [1965] amp with 2 x 12 cabinet.  
What are the best possible choices for trannys in this?  
[Hammond, Fender, Marshall, Vox, AudioNote] What else???  
Yes, I am aware of the Reissue model. But are those trannys the best choice I have?  
Also, I'd like to drive either RI Vox Bluedogs or the Webers. So, figure 8ohm 15W speakers. THANKS!!
8/11/1999 10:33 PM
Mike T
I've heard something about New Sensor having a set of OT & PT made like the JTM45 originals. I don't know if they are much different than the Marshall reissue ones.  
Maybe someone else has.  
Otherwise, Hammond makes just about any tran you'd need.  
Mike T
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