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Does it seem crowded in here?

7/30/1999 9:00 AM
Does it seem crowded in here?
Hi gang,  
As you can see, three additional discussion areas have been added to the BBS. The Open Forum should now be used only for things like announcements, schematic requests, etc., and subjects that don't seem to fit under one of the other three headings. Threads already in progress should of course be continued and finished up where they are. Any questions?  
7/30/1999 1:08 PM

I can get to the other forums ONLY if i view the pages w/frames..
7/30/1999 6:19 PM

I'll be doing something about that shortly, Jay.
7/30/1999 1:13 PM
Steve Jones

Thanks for all your hard work on this forum Tboy.  
As everyone says over and over, it's the best thing  
going and invaluable to everyone here.  
Did have one question though, is there a way to get  
to the old archives? Being able to search through the  
old postings was a great way to mine for information.  
7/31/1999 6:42 PM

" there a way to get to the old archives?"
The archives will be back Steve, but I still can't say when with any certainty. A number of problems remain to be worked out before it can happen.  
Current posts are also being archived, and when the time comes I'll be doing my best to merge it all together without making a hopelessly scrambled mess of the whole thing.  
7/30/1999 2:17 PM
Thank You for all your work
7/30/1999 2:56 PM
hys chip

yes thanks a bunch t-boy , my 12 step ampage recovery plan was not working,
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