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7/21/1999 10:18 PM
hi!! what is the dif" beetw el34wxt and  
el 34g+
7/26/1999 6:01 PM
no ones replied, so here's my opinion...i've never tried the sovtek EL-34's... but I do like the svetlana 34's..
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7/26/1999 11:16 PM
Steve M

IIRC, I seem to remember that the Sovtek EL-34G was the first EL-34 offered for sale by Sovtek. It wasn't a very sturdy tube, but at the time, I think it was the only one being made (late 80s, early 90s, I believe). Later, Svetlana introduced their EL-34 which was superior in both construction and tone, so Sovtek came out with the EL-34WXT which was much improved over the "G" version.  
Maybe someone else can confirm/refute this?  
hope this helps,  
7/27/1999 10:02 AM

Sovtek EL34WXT *  
This is the only Sovtek power tube worth buying, other than possibly their 6L6WXT. It's a very well balanced tube that breaks up nicely. It seems to have a bit more high end and a little more nibble inherent to that high end than the Svetlana. Although the Svetlana is more money, I still prefer them because they're better constructed than the Sovteks. The Sovtek EL34WXT ($32/pair) combines good top-to-bottom balance with a roughness that'll endear it to hard rockers. WXTs are a good score when cost is everything, but watch out for crooked glass.  
Sovtek EL34G *  
What the Sovtek 5881 is to their 6L6 tubes, the EL34G is to their EL34's. These tubes have hardly any bass or midrange bloom whatsoever. If you have a rig that has too much bass, then you may consider employing these. But unless you're in a pinch, I wouldn't fathom ever using these in place of the Sovtek EL34WXT's.  
Svetlana EL34  
This is a very nice tube, with quality in construction you'd expect from Svetlana. The tone is a little more bottom endy compared to the Siemens EL34 and the Sovtek EL34WXT. These work particularly nice in combos where you need the extra bass and not quite as much high end. But pumped through a 4x12 of Celestions, they are very, very nice. These are the only EL34's I'm stocking right now, although I can get others. You owe it to yourself to try these before you search out some really expensive NOS ones! Here's my take on EL34's: They belong in Marshalls! Some people like the way that they sound in Fenders and I'll give them that. But the reason why Fenders sound like Fenders has a lot to do with the 6L6's. Besides, installing EL34's in your Fender (which requires mods by the way) will put extra strain on your power transformer due to increased filament draw. There's no guarantee that your power transformer will survive!  
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