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Re: O'connor books/mistakes & corrections?

7/19/1999 4:33 AM
Re: O'connor books/mistakes & corrections?
This review was based on a copy of "The Ultimate Tone" from the first print run, when everything was done in quite a hurry. Errors did occur, but all of the "points of contention" of a technical nature have been addressed.  
The approach to RC constants was that of simplicity-- maybe overly so-- but the intention was to show the trends of changes effected as values were changed. This was accomplished, and as one poster stated, most amps are tubed by ear anyway.  
As we stated in TUT2, TUT was the "tip of the iceberg" of amp knowledge. So it was never inteded to be all-inclusive. Such a book is impossible. TUT2 covers areas not touched on in TUT, and expands on others that were introduced already.  
Our new book this fall will take the journey of amp construction in many new directions. Check our site for details as they appear: <>  
I never claimed to know everything, or that TUT covered everything. In fact, I stated that the more I learn, the less I know, since there are ten new questions with every answer.  
We do small print runs so anytime an error is found, or there is something that should be updated, it can be. Thanks to all of the people who have helped us and inspired us over the years!  
Have fun,  
Kevin O'Connor
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