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10/8/2000 3:48 AM
jon bingham
I have an ADA MP-1 guitar preamp. It is a very noisy unit, I was hoping that some one might know some sort of modification for my MP-1 to hush it up
10/11/2000 4:30 AM

What gear are u running with it?  
I have an mp-1, rocktron intelliverb, and a peavey 50/50 poweramp and i have no problems with noise. I have tried the preamp with combo amps (Mesa maverick, and VOX AC-30) and have had problems with noise but nothing that a rocktron hush can't handle.
10/11/2000 12:04 PM

The first and easiest thing to try is different preamp tubes. You may have some noisy ones. They are very easy to change and you can change the preamp tone quite a bit by swapping tubes.
10/14/2000 4:44 PM
Joe L

I have to go with MKB's suggestion. I have never had problems with noise on my MP1 unless I'm using ridiculous amounts of gain. I have always used NOS RCAs for preamp tubes.  
..Joe L
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