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Cleaner spray for electronics...

5/13/2000 12:35 AM
Jeff L
Cleaner spray for electronics...
Hi all,  
What is the best non-conductive cleaning spray for switches, pots and the like and where did you find it? Thanks much for any replys. :) Jeff L.
5/13/2000 11:32 PM
Glen H.

I use M.G. Chemicals "Contact Cleaner with silicones" good success. M.G. Chem's "Nu-Trol" is okay on most pots, but use it sparingly. I once flooded the dirty pots on my Hiwatt, and they were ruined...  
Another point: a blast of canned air BEFORE using a contact cleaner can reduce/remove contaminants.  
You can find these products at almost any electrical supplier.  
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5/14/2000 9:32 PM
Tim C.

"De-oxit D-5" by Caig chemicals followed by "Preservit" by Caig is the best for cleaning pots.  
The De-oxit is a cleaner/degreaser and should be used on switch contacts and tube pin sockets without the use of Preservit following the cleaning. You do not want the silicone to build up on switch contacts and tube pins.  
If these are not readily available in your area then go to Radio Shack and get a can of contact cleaner without preservative and a can of contact cleaner with preservative which they used to call TV tuner cleaner. Use the cleaner without preservative on switch contacts and the cleaner with preservative on pots. The Radio Shack cleaners are really not that bad.  
Tim C.
5/15/2000 4:56 AM

The best contact cleaner I've used has been hands down, CRC brand. Used to only be able to get it from a friend at ummm surplus prices ;) BUT just noticed that you can get it at HomeDepot. Dont know if they have the stuff with silicone in it, I mainly use the cleaner only, however, for cleaning boards etc. as for pots, well i've used it, but you DO have to be careful not to nuke the grease from the shafts ;) OH, and i think it's like $3 a can... cheapest i've seen!
5/15/2000 4:49 PM
Rick Erickson

I prefer Caig MCL (Moving Contact Lube)for pots. It is an excellent one step pot cleaner/lube.  
For switches and jacks I use either Caig D-5 & P-5 or Pro-Gold. I was under the impression that Pro-Gold was only for gold contacts but the label sugests that it works on all metals. I have been very impressed with it's contact-enhancing properties. Magic Parts carries all these cleaners.  
5/16/2000 2:54 PM

Lord Valve sent me a sample of the ProGold-GXL and i was utterly impressed by it. Caig also sent me a nice size sample of it, it works wonders on tube pins/sockets as well... takes off that nice corrosion, and definitley cleans up any crackly sockets. HIGHLY recommended!
5/16/2000 11:42 PM
Reid Kneeland

ProGold-GXL - is that the high-temp stuff that he says is OK on output tube pins?  
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