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Wilkinson VSV DOES make it louder

7/21/2000 8:47 AM
Wilkinson VSV DOES make it louder
Either I had it incorrectly installed before or....  
I put the VSV on my Pacifica 312 and it is noticeably louder. In fact, it's louder acoustically than my 812 now!  
It's bright and jangly and I can hear the body resonating with this bridge. I guess it does make a big difference. I don't know why I didn't hear it before....  
The only bummer is that these Seymour Duncan pickups don't seem to be pickup up all of this noise. They still sound a bit dark to me. I guess I could put 500K pots in there. Oh well.  
I have 3 springs in there with 10s and the trem is not floating, it's touching the body.
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