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Just Bought a $100 Guitar

3/10/2000 12:18 AM
Just Bought a $100 Guitar
I just bought a strat clone for $100 from my local music store.  
It's metalflake red, plywood body, kinda beat up. Potmetal chrome plated bridge saddles and tremelo block.  
Old Music Man tuners installed along with a graphite nut.  
Somebody obviously put some time and effort into setting this up.  
It plays much better and sounds about as good as my American Standard Strat.  
And the $100 included a gig bag.  
I bought it as a backup but I'm thinking about using as my #1. Just need to get a decal. It's already relicacized!  
Is my American Standard a lemon?  
3/10/2000 1:37 PM

Whatever feels and sounds good to YOU is all that's important. Cheapos can be great. I have an old Univox HiFlyer that was given to me, and that thing plays as well, or better, than some of my Teles or Strats. Of course, it sounds a lot different, but that's the point. It'd be a pretty boring musical world if everybody had a Jimi Strat and nothing else. Have fun with your new toy...that's what it's all about anyway, right?  
BTW, if you think your AmStrat is a lemon, figure out what you don't like about it, and change it. Most any Fender can be made good....that's why Leo made all the parts so easy to change.  
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3/10/2000 2:56 PM

If you spent some time on setting up your American Standard it'd be as good. I've found that by the time I've had a guitar 5 years it's been refretted with my favourite fretwire, I've got pickups that I like in it, and it plays and sounds the way I want it to. If not it will have been sold.  
Generally it's pretty rare that even expensive guitars are perfect out of the box, so sometimes a well set up s/h guitar (even a cheapy) is a pretty good bet.  
3/10/2000 3:03 PM
Mark Hammer

In the current Guitar Player, Walter Becker notes that he used to use the other bandmembers guitars for recording Steely Dan material, because they were so much better set up than his own.  
In many ways, setup is everything. It's certainly most of what accompanies "quality" instruments, apart from exotic construction materials. It's also part of what makes one player pick up a quality instrument, shake their head and mutter "You paid HOW much for THIS?". If it isn't set up how you need it and like it, then what's in your heart and mind just can't find its way to your fingers.
3/10/2000 7:12 PM

Hey Liam. do your mods include silver wire?  
Ducking and  
3/11/2000 12:51 AM

My god I looked inside my $100 guitars control  
cavity. All of the soldering was done with  
24 karat gold and all of the wiring was silver  
with teflon shielding. The switch was made of  
platinum with diamond contacts. I took all of  
them out and sold them at the local pawn shop  
so that I could by a new boss HM pedal. The guitar  
sounds much more like a $100 guitar should now and  
I don't feel so bad about my $300 American Standard  
3/11/2000 12:59 AM
Hi, jc.  
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