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Standel schematics?

6/4/2000 3:10 PM
Randy Jamz
Standel schematics?
Anyone have a source for a schematic for a Standel 25L15? It's an oddball, with 807 output tubes. Thanks in advance for the help.  
6/5/2000 1:39 AM

If you're using 807s the amp should be old enough to easily trace the wiring. The 807 was one of the first beam power tubes and is essentially a higher voltage 6L6 variant widely used for RF work. After WWII there was a glut of war surplus 807s on the market and they enjoyed a heyday as audio output tubes - roughly 46-53, or so until the 5881 was introduced by Tungsol in 1950 became a standard. Good 807s are still available quite cheap and this sounds like a good restoration project.  
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6/6/2000 5:23 PM

Just a question that came to mind when I saw the title...  
Does anyone remember and know model numbers or names to a solid state standel series that was issued in the late 60's?  
Each part of the series was considered "modular" and was (this is memory) about 24" wide, 16-18" tall, maybe 12-14" deep, and maybe two or three modules could be mounted on a stand... the intent being to rotate the module for proper sound projection.  
Essentially three module types... an extention speaker type, a powered extention speaker type, and a "control" module... with speaker and amp... essentially a combo.  
They used dual concentric controls. The grille was like extruded metal, and the speakers were port/folded horn loaded, with slots on both sides of the cabinet.  
And I believe rumor was that the electronics were potted... since everyone knows solid state lasts forever.  
I want to get a schematic for the control module of the series... but I don't know what to ask for.  
Thanks for any help.
8/18/2000 2:42 PM
Winnie Thomas

And I believe rumor was that the electronics were potted...
Most of us were potted in the late sixties, but we all didn't last forever...  
8/18/2000 9:40 PM

> Comments and advice about Winnie's sense of humor deleted <  
Anyway, Standell's homepage goes into the history, a bit. They might could help.
8/19/2000 3:12 AM
Winnie Thomas

> Comments and advice about Winnie's sense of humor deleted <
Now Monty... I do work for the State's alcohol and drug abuse division...  
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