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Showman caps

8/6/2000 5:18 PM
Showman caps
I recently picked up a '66 Showman-Amp, model AB763 circuit. The coupling caps are odd looking. Similar in size to "orange-drops", but I think they are the dreaded big ugly brown ones everybody says are no good.They are rated for 600vdc,+-10%,and in a small box are the letters "CDE". Anyone know anything about these? I'm gonna replace ALL of the electrolytics anyway, maybe these too ?!?! any help or info is appreciated... CR
8/7/2000 1:56 AM

CDE is Cornell Dubiler Ele. those are a good name brand cap..  
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8/7/2000 4:11 AM

If they are flat color brown with yellow lettering, they probably are they ones most guys think they hate, but, mostly because someone told them they are no good.  
If you replace ALL of them with O'drops, (I would), you probably will hear a slightly different amp but it will sound very very good too.  
Any modern polypropylene cap will sound good however, so don't get too hung up on O'drops only.  
The "dreaded" brown ones are more round and slightly shorter then an O'drop by the way.  
8/7/2000 9:54 PM

Hey guys...thanks for the input.The caps are big,SHINY brown, and I haven't fired her up yet... I have some new 6L6's on the way...someone ATTEMPTED to "mod" this amp a little...I cleaned house on the crappy wiring and replaced a few fried power resistors... but the rest of the amp looks totally stock...even has G.E. filter caps(they're trashed)- will see what she sounds like with the "CDE" caps and go from there... thanks again C.R.
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