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Re: SLO-100 and other High Gain delicacies

7/3/2000 10:40 AM
Re: SLO-100 and other High Gain delicacies
Joe, do you have the PCB layout of your X88R?  
I would really appreciate if you  
could send it to me .
7/7/2000 5:30 PM
Joe L

Oops! Thought this thread had finally died Nick, sorry for the delayed response.  
I have a low rez copy of the layout on my Yahoo briefcase site which with the schematic should take very little work to come up with a layout. Also, if you have Visio 2000, I can provide you with the original design I came up with so you can mod it to whatever chassis you can come up with to use. It's about 17 meg in size so we will have to make arrangements as it's too big to email.  
The layout is photographically as accurate to the orginal as I could make it. My briefcase site is  
..Joe L
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7/7/2000 5:51 PM
Joe L
X88R Layout
Update, I found out how to export the Visio design to a relatively high detail GIF file so check this out:  
..Joe L
7/9/2000 2:20 AM

You didnt include the values of the resistors in the power supply circuit and in the LDR switching. Im still not sure what to use for the resistors for the supply board. HELP... ;)  
7/11/2000 1:39 AM
Joe L

Take a closer look at the pics in my Yahoo briefcase area Mitch. There are about 35 pictures including one with the switching schematic with resistor values. If you have any other questions, just give me a buzz on the phone.  
..Joe L
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