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Celestion G12H-30 tone report

10/13/2000 1:24 AM
Ian Anderson
Celestion G12H-30 tone report
Just received a pair of Celestion G12H-30 speakers this morning for my Marshall Bluesbreaker combo (12 week’s after placing order) – here’s the tone report for those that might be interested...  
The amp originally had G12M Greenbacks which aren’t really suited to open-backed combos like the BB IMO as the bass tends to mush up - much better in a closed back cab.  
So, this brings me to the reason for getting these speakers – they’re essentially the same as the Greenback, but with a heavier magnet, hence the ‘H’ designation in the model number. In use the G12H-30’s sounded *much* better, and solved all my misgivings about the amp, i.e. flabby bass, loss of definition when cranked to my normal stage/rehearsal level (7), and not quite loud enough to ‘cut’ through the mix on stage.  
With the G12H-30’s in the BB and my controls set like they always are (normal volume=6, bright volume=7, treble=8.5, middle=full, bass=2, presence=8.5, intensity=full, speed=full) the immediate difference that hit me was the tightness of the bass which is just amazing for rock riffing :)  
There seemed noticeably more bass on tap for the same setting as usual (2), but gone was the flabby, farty bass of yore - now it’s tight as you like, even on those low E riffs.  
The midrange was more pronounced - more 'grind' which definitely shifts the amp into the rock camp as opposed to the Greenbacks which retain that loose bluesy feel. The 3dB increase in sensitivity also meant that the amp had allot more punch than usual and noticeably louder (yes, really) - the whole band noticed tonight at rehearsals and we’re all deaf now (lol). Fans of 70’s rock tones will like this speaker – it was born to serve up open A chords all night long, Krrrraaannng!!!  
Lastly, these things are *heavy*, really! The amp feels more like a Fender Twin with JBL’s or EV’s in weight now – Bluesbreaker?, more like Backbreaker. At least it sounds the business now. Highly recommended as the single biggest improvement any amp component has ever made including NOS tubes. The best bit is that they only cost £55 each - a total bargain!  
If the amp sounds this good now, basically stock, I can't wait to try the OEI BB tranny when it's ready - should be tone Nirvana :)  
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