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Velocette Humming

8/13/2000 12:30 AM
Jim Wheeler
Velocette Humming
It figures. I put my Velocette on eBay, and all of a sudden it starts humming.  
It does not happen until I plug a cord into it. There is no noise when I plug the same cord into my Fender, so I'm thinkning it's the amp.  
I replaced the first tube (gonna do the others ina few minutes), but it had no effect. Where else do I start looking?  
8/13/2000 5:42 PM

I am no amp tech, but I have heard that Output Transformers were a problem when these came out, and that Trace offered a replacement under warranty, now that Gibson has them, I don't know what they will do for you.  
just a guess
8/14/2000 5:54 PM
Is this a LOUD humming? Although I believe Paul is correct about these having OT problems, if the hum appears only when you plug in, that doesn't sound like the cause. Does the volume control affect the level of the hum?  
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