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Re: Midrange,Overshoot, or Ringing Question?

8/15/2000 4:55 AM
Re: Midrange,Overshoot, or Ringing Question?
I think hes tring to describe the scooped mid sound.. The Marshall notch..hmm  
only thing i can think for the ring.. Marshalls make your ears ring.. as for the sustain.. i think like a mid boost type thing.I'm just guesssing..  
8/15/2000 6:09 PM

Thanks, SF, Bruce, Peter and Richey I really didn't understand it either. In the Fatlady Post however, in the November VS Invader Randall talks about getting that "YOWL" characteristic. This is what I am trying to achieve. He refers to it as the clipping tone of the Cathode follower driving the tone stack. It clips asymetrical which adds even order harmonics, but has a sharp edge, which adds lots of higher order harmonics. The tone stack then shapes the waveform.  
Even though this catodyne is part of the preamp it comes after the preamp out. In a typical preamp (used as a preamp only no power amp) a splitter is not needed. Correct me if I'm wrong but in a power amp doesn't the send and Return jacks go out and return before the splitter. With just a basic preamp circuit is there another way to get asymetrical clipping ?Also what other affect does the Cathodyne have say oposed to a diff splitter other than it's low impedance out and unity gain ?  
8/15/2000 8:19 PM

I have heard "the Marshall notch" referred to somewhere, but I think it was referring to a type of crossover distortion in the output section.  
I have seen "overshoot", of course it was with a pure sine wave into a class A circuit. It was described as one of the ways that tubes subtly distort signals.
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