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Re: Vox section added to Blue Guitar site...

7/19/2000 4:56 PM
Ted Breaux
Re: Vox section added to Blue Guitar site...
A few notes:  
Be advised that AC30s came in three different variations: 'Bass', 'Normal', and 'Treble'. If building an AC30, top-boosted amps should be Normal models for best results. If building a non-top-boost amp, a Treble model is best. The RI AC30s are actually a cross between a Normal and Treble model, which was a bit clever on the part of the Vox crew at Korg/Marshall.  
The AC50 schematic is for the Mk II. The Mk I had a single channel (Brilliant), and was immortalized by The Beatles.  
The AC100 schematic is also a Mk II. The Mk I is cathode biased, had minor circuit differences, sounds slightly better, and was also immortalized by The Beatles.
7/19/2000 4:59 PM
Ted Breaux

I forgot to mention that there is a fourth AC30 variation (actually the first), which is undoubtedly the best of all, and that is the very early AC30/4 with EF86 preamp (schematic is listed). If building an AC30, this is the one that will really get your attention.
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