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Celestion Getting Out of Guitar Speaker Business???

6/27/2000 8:09 PM
Jeff Stapleton
Celestion Getting Out of Guitar Speaker Business???
Perhaps this is old news to some, but while talking with a dealer today on the phone, he informed me that Celestion has been threatening the past few years to get out of producing guitar speakers, apparently because guitar speakers are a relatively small portion of their business.  
He went on to say that many cabinet manufacturers are not putting Celestions in new because of this, with perhaps the exception being large manufacturers such as Marshall.  
I don't know if this is true, so I'm asking you guys if you've heard of this before...
6/27/2000 9:20 PM

Wouldn't surprise me too much. Evidently the musical instrument business is very slow in the UK at the moment.  
Mind you, I'll bet they must sell quite a few for Marshall, Vox, and even the Fender Tonemaster cabs for US sale! I don't think I'd pack it in at that point!
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6/27/2000 11:24 PM
Ian Anderson

Here's a good one...  
I was on the phone to Celestion today asking for a quote on their Alnico Blues and if they'd sell them direct. At first I didn't say which model speaker I was interested in only to get a response of "we don't sell direct to the public - I'll refer you to your nearest dealer".  
Upon mentioning that I was interested in the Alinco Blues, the receptionist's voice perked up, "Oh! 'those' one's. They're very nice speakers those. Of course we do sell 'certain' speaker direct". She went on to give me a quote, offer of literature etc... and passed me on to the sales department.  
I don't know how I kept myself from laughing.  
... Ian
6/27/2000 11:35 PM

just out of curiousity; what was the direct price on the blues?  
6/28/2000 12:14 AM
Carl Z

I seriously doubt that the UK music situation would have a significant impact on Celestion's business practices. The number of speakers that are headed to this side of the pond is probably staggering. Figure between Marshall, Fender, Mesa-Boogie, all the resellers like Guitar Center and musicians friend, and the countless manufacturers that are using their speakers and relabeling them. I suspect they'll be around a while.  
Carl Z
6/28/2000 12:20 AM
Randy Jamz

What little I know (and it IS little) is that Celestion pissed off Jim Marshall to the point that a handful of years ago he switched over to Eminence speakers! That move went over so well that he quickly switched back to Celestion, except for the old Valve-State line. There may other Marshalls that use Eminence, but I'd have to really think about that for a while. Oh well, if Celestion packs in in for guitar speakers, watch Eminence prices go up!  
6/28/2000 12:26 AM
Ray Ivers

While we're on this subject... I was told that Celestion had been sold to a Korean company recently. Is this true, or just another rumor?  
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