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ECC83 question

6/2/2000 1:11 PM
ECC83 question
Hello, a basic question on ECC83 12AX7 Tube.  
I read in a german Tube -Page, that the two systems  
in a ECC83 have a small differnt in the heating and because of this the second system (6,7,8) is more sensitive and should used first. Is that true?`  
Thank a lot,  
6/6/2000 4:45 PM
Erik Aho

I have a similar question: If I change ECC83s to my Fender Twin instead of 12AX7s, does this require some amp tweaking or are the tubes so closely matching that I don't have to worry about it? Does anybody know how this would affect to the sound? Do the ECC83s have lower or higher gain or something?  
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6/6/2000 5:04 PM
Peter S

ECC83's are the european designation for other words they are exactly the same tube.  
6/6/2000 10:32 PM
Rick Erickson

Q{ECC83's are the european designation for other words they are exactly the same tube.}  
As exactly the same as any two 12AX7's are anyway.  
In current production as well as NOS there seems to be quite a variance in performance between various brands/models.  
There shouldn't be any need to tweak the amp though, just plug-n-play.  
6/7/2000 1:02 PM
Re: ECC83 question answered
till now so many people read this and I don´t get any answer, so it´s also an answer. Nobody heared anything about a differenz between the systems in a tube. Thanks,  
6/7/2000 6:03 PM
Ian Anderson

An ECC83 is a twin triode tube (as we all know). What Pepps is asking (I think) is if there is any difference between the two sides of the tube (i.e. one half one the triode different in spec to the other half in relation to heater current, MU etc...)  
I seem to remember some 12A?? something or other (twin triode) having different specs for each half of the tube, and I think this is what Pepps wants to know.  
... Ian
6/7/2000 9:06 PM

You are right, this is exact what I want to know.  
all others  
Excuse my english, I´m from germany and not very confirm whith the proper english ....  
I try to improove.Sorry.  
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