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5/11/2000 12:59 AM
JAY Wreckspress
Just curious if there is any more info out there on these designs other than the "Blue guitar files?  
any Wreck builder websites ? or anyone that might have interesting info on the obvious clones out there?  
5/11/2000 11:56 AM

"or anyone that might have interesting info on the obvious clones out there?"
Callaham comes to mind, his is suppose to be a reversed engineering clone to the 9th degree. Allesandro Redbone schem that's floating around preamp's is real close to the Express. D.Funk in his book mentions he got a amp similiar.  
I just built the preamp circuit into the bass channel of my Bassman. I got a bunch of tweaking I would like to do, but it doesn't sound too bad out of the shoot. It does have some buzziness about it, but I'm using some crappy tubes. I don't have the problem with the amp being overly bright, I did go with a couple of the suggestions from BGS site. Going to play with it a bit this weekend, I'll know more after that.  
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5/11/2000 2:22 PM

Don't forget the Bruno Underground 45.  
To my ears, this *IS* the best Express  
knock-off out there.  
Bruno make no bones about it. He advertises  
it as an Express copy.  
In addition, KF recognizes it as a very  
good Express copy. KF suggested it to me.  
5/11/2000 7:10 PM

Do you know what any of the specific differences are from the Bruno or Callaham and Steve's schematic?  
5/12/2000 12:57 AM
It seems like the "Blue guit schem has some errors according to some of the filed posting on the very same site, details such as 470p instead of 50p in the TS and also the .001/56k apears to be wrong !?  
or is it really?? who knows ? somebody on this BB must have seen the real thing, please share it,  
I mean if KF don´t seem to mind Bruno´s clone and even say´s good things about it, then it seems like it would be Ok with KF if anyone over here have some info to share (or is Bruno previlaged to sell KF´s designs somehow)  
who knows!
5/12/2000 2:37 AM
Steve A.

    There are several versions of Express clones out there and what I have posted on my site is the one that I was given "permission" to post- not by KF himself but by the people who pass these drawings around...  
    I have compiled the wreknotz.txt file from posts and correspondence from various people who have actually seen the 'Wrecks or some of the better clones. And from a few people who have tried building their own (with mixed results).  
    From the basic drawing and all of these notes you should be able to build several versions of a 'Wreck and maybe one of them will work really well for you. The choice of tubes, trannies, and speakers will effect the overall sound so what works well in one case may not work in another.  
--Good luck!  
Steve "Don't shoot me— I'm just the librarian!" Ahola  
P.S. One of these days I plan to make a composite drawing indicating the different versions presented in the text file in different colors... or maybe click a button to see the values change!
5/12/2000 4:16 PM
Steve "Don't shoot me— I'm just the librarian!" Ahola  
thanks for making the effort to compile that  
stuff, steve.
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