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schematic for Crate GFX-15??

3/10/2000 8:46 PM
schematic for Crate GFX-15??
does anyone know where i could get a schematic for a Crate GFX-15 guitar amp? i have heard that the company does not honor requests for the schematics.  
my purpose for this is that i want to remove the digital board from teh amp and make a separate effects pedal out of it. any advice for me regarding that?  
thanks a lot,  
3/10/2000 8:55 PM

SLM will generally provide schematics to qualified technicians - they just don't want the responsibility for the electrocution of an unskilled tinkerer (absolutely no judgement of your skills implied). I posted their number recently - look around the posts, call them and sound competent :>  
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