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Re: Not the best, just the best for amp hobbiest like me

3/1/2000 9:57 PM
anonymous Re: Not the best, just the best for amp hobbiest like me
Try United States plastics in Lima Ohio. They have the 1/8" phenolic sheet for $3.00 a sq. ft. I have used the stuff and it works good. Minimum order is 8 sq. ft. Their number is 800-537-9724
3/2/2000 2:56 AM
steve m.

No sh*t? That much? I bought a sheet from them about 9 months ago for $50. That's a pretty hefty price increase. That red fiberglass from McMaster-Carr is looking better all the time.  
BTW, did you get the stuffing guide and schematic for the Voxy amp done yet?  
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3/2/2000 3:39 AM

Oh Yeah!  
I got one version up and running at about 20 watts.  
Come on by the shop sometime and plug in.  
3/1/2000 5:27 PM
Joe L

I think it would be marginal. The 1/8" thick has enough crossection area to be very stable and reasonably stiff but it's just not in the league with G10. I'd suggest buying a small piece and giving it a try first. After all, it HAS to be stronger and more stable than the boards in fenders which are still going after 30 years.  
..Joe L
3/2/2000 2:57 AM
steve m.

Thanks for your reply, since the local plastics place has increased the price of G10 significantly, this may be the way to go.  
2/29/2000 5:22 PM
SteveF One more idea, then I'll shut up
I have also found fiber sheet similar to the  
Fender stuff, but thicker, at a local gasket  
manufacturer. They use it for backing up  
the gaskets while die-cutting them. It works  
ok, and is a cool red color.  
3/1/2000 8:39 PM
Graydon Stuckey
Flaring those Mouser Eyelets
Hi guys,  
I've been using the G10 board from Swamp or Hoffman. Its rather expensive, but its not the most significant expense in an amp.  
One trick I found though was to use a small ball bearing and a good solid whack with a ball peen hammer to flare out the backside of the eyelet. It does a pretty nice job.  
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