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Tubes for MusicMan

2/25/2000 12:56 AM
Tubes for MusicMan
My dad picked up a used Music Man (2100? 2-10"speakers, (4)el34 power tubes, (1) 12ax7 driver, 130watts) combo. The person he purchased the amp off of had it retubed recently with NOS Mullards. He offered to trade me the mullards for whatever i'm willing to put in this amp and bias it with, so he cna resell the amp. Would Sovtek el34WXT's work with the high plate voltages the MM used? what would be a good choice to replace that amp with, and give ti a more 'fendery' tone. I know 6550's may work, but may be overkill.. any suggestions?
2/25/2000 9:11 AM

If you have NOS Mullards, I think you should keep  
them or sell and buy lots of new ones.  
Nos Mullards EL-34 are THE ones to have, and  
very expensive, there was a thread a while ago  
about the price on these and I think it's safe  
to say that the four you have is worth more  
than your amp IMHO  
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2/25/2000 9:20 AM

I reread your post and this time I think I've understood  
it, if you know that 6550's can cope with the 700+ volts  
give them to him, and take the Mullards  
2/25/2000 5:48 PM

I've had good experience with the Svetlana EL34s in these - the plate voltage is high but the idle current is low to keep the plate dissipation down, something like 20 ma or such so you don't want to "warm it up" by decreasing the bias voltage.  
2/25/2000 6:58 PM

ACTUALLY, that amps bias current, (done by the cathode shunt method --the amp- has 10 ohm resistors onthe cathodes and the schematics claim to want 500mv across it, that would calculate to 25 ma... i was thinking it woudl calculate to 50mA... fogot about having to SQUARE the voltage. ANYWAYS, I'd like to try the Ruby STR el34B, which are supposed to be like big bottle 6ca7's... anyone ever try these?
2/25/2000 7:17 PM
Carl B.
I'd stick with some serious construction/materials for those EL34s. Those Musicmans (pl. "Musicmen?") can have serious plate and screen volts, so a serious tube should be the thing for them.  
I'd go with Svet EL34. Or maybe those new EL34EHs from New Sensor - anyone heard good things about their plate/screen withstand capabilities?  
- Carl B.
2/25/2000 7:36 PM

I might just go with the svets then... since the amp really wont be played more than 10 minutes eveyr few wekes as it gets traded to someone else... if i had hte exta $$ i'd just buy it for parts and rebuild it with a tube front end, and set it up for 6550's... I would like to ptu somethng in ther more lie hte original (sylvania 6ca7's which sound a lot like a 6l6).. but if the svtets are gonna be more rugged... i'll ust do it... just so I get my quad of mullards for my marshall i'll be happy *;laffz*  
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