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Any one ever build a plexi head?

2/23/2000 7:22 AM
Any one ever build a plexi head?
has any one ever done this or could help me with building one?  
2/23/2000 12:06 PM

It's not that bad.. what do you want to know?  
I mean it's tougher than a tweed Champ, ;-)  
but it's really the same as a 5F6-A Bassman with a  
few tweaks here and there. The key to good results  
is just using the best parts (esp tubes!) and taking your  
time to build it right/cleanly. I have a photo of some plexi  
'guts' up on my website if you want to see what a typical  
amp might look like inside. There's another thread going  
about DIY Marshall-type amps with parts sources suggestions  
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2/23/2000 7:18 PM
i think you'll find many on here have built the plexi amp..and bassman. and are using them to play through..I have built a few... {~}==::: Richie
2/23/2000 8:35 PM

did you happen to use hammond or just replacement transformers? what type? what are the values on the three diodes used in the power section and bias area? Is there a way I can replace the diodes with a power tube?  
2/23/2000 11:26 PM

Go to speedracers site, obsolete electronics. He has a plexi spec 50watt output tranny that is suppose to be the sh%t. He also has a nice page with photos of a plexi layout along with other good info on his marshall tech page.  
Is there a way I can replace the diodes with a power tube?  
why not use a rectifier tube instead of a power tube.  
good luck,  
2/24/2000 3:57 PM

"He has a plexi spec 50watt output tranny that is suppose to be the sh%t."
I've tried them out and they ARE the S#!T!!! They sound far better than the Marshall "replacements" everyone else sells. I'd recommend these for anyone looking to build a marshall of their own or for those who need to replace a tranny. I also tried one in my JCM800 50 watter and it sounded FAR better! The 800 50 watter's always seemed a bit "squishier" than the 100 watters, which is why everyone favors the 100 watters IMHO.  
2/25/2000 8:47 PM

Check Hoffman's site for board layout. You might just buy one if your not on a tight budget. You could build it using a tweed bassman chassis for mounting in a combo cab. good luck
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