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5F6A vs.'59 Reissue

2/21/2000 6:52 PM
Captain Beefheart
5F6A vs.'59 Reissue
If I build the 5F6A from Hoffman, can I trust it will sound better than the reissue 1959 Bassman I played in my local music store the other night? sounded like crap, and the guy wouldn't let me play it loud enough to test its distorted tone for very long.
2/21/2000 9:05 PM

capt. I built a 5f6a from hoffman that was built to exact specs with all parts from him and I think it will blow away the 59 RI bassman. it is one mean tone machine
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2/22/2000 12:52 AM

All the reissues i have been into so far may have alot of the same electronic values..but not the same,and PCBoards. You ever watch an old movie where they put up fake houses and stores, background,.. this is what it reminds me of..Richie{~}==:::
2/23/2000 4:40 AM
Steve Ahola

    With its printed circuit boards the Fender reissue amp will be a headache to mod or repair. If you build the Hoffman kit, you will be able to fine-tune the circuit all you want without having to deal with the PCB hassles. Like trying out different types or values of the caps. The sound you get will depend on the transformers you use, and the Hoffman ones are supposed to be great.  
    When you figure in the value of your time, it'd probably be cheaper to buy a used RI, but look at it this way: some people pay money to go to school to learn about electronics. And I doubt if there are many school that will teach you how to build guitar amps!  
--Good luck with your Hoffman kit!  
Steve Ahola
2/23/2000 7:16 PM
Thanks for the encouragement. I do realize I'll probably endu up paying more in the long run, but like you say, i'll be able to fine-tune it the way I want it to sound. About two years ago, I started building stompoboxes myself. I've made a few for myself and for friends, and I probably never have to buy another one commercially. I think its even made me a more concious and valuable player.  
Most of all, I guy like me with no math ability whatsoever can do this stuff. Its so satisfying. But thats why everyone does this stuff right?
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